How to Choose a Digital Signature Solution

  • Kaye Thomas
  • July 9, 2018
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As the traditional paper world gives way for the digital dispensation, businesses are also keying into this innovative solution. One of these solutions is the digital signature innovation for signing documents, forms and files, also providing equal protection against forgery as the conventional signature model. The rise in global and digital businesses, requires that documents will need authentication across the world and in real time , a feat that can’t be accomplished by traditional signature models. However, in choosing an electronic signature solution, there is need to get the best of this model and a model that perfectly fits your business.

Seals Documents

One component of a reliable digital signature solution, is the ability to seal a document with standard technology. Many signature solutions just add a  graphical signature to the document.  This signed document can be easily tampered with  by any recipient while the graphical electronic signature remains unchanged. This flaw in digital waiver  opens doors for forgery and fraud. A reliable digital signature solution must be able to seal a document using it’s one-time fingerprint unique to the signer only and can’t be reused or reassigned , making sure that the document is not tampered with.

Multiple  Application Support

Lots of electronic signature are created  application specific , supporting the commonly used PDF or Word applications only. This means that  if your business needs to work with additional programs with AutoCAD, ERP, the electronic signature model is incapacitated. A digital signature system must be able to support multiple application systems.

Multiple Signatures

Many electronic signature solutions don’t accept alteration of the document once a signature gave been applied.  This is a great model of sealing a document , but can pose a great problem if it prevents neccessary additional signatures from being applied on the document. Checking this feature is very important in choosing a signature solution.

Seamless User sign-up

Implementing your electronic signature signature solution should not be a headache for your members of staff. In the digital world as it is in the conventional “paper” setting, signatories must be provide identification for security reasons. Digital certificates containing information about the user, the certificate holder’s name, e-mail address and other specific  information. This will prevent impersonation and forgery. More details here here:

Ease of use

In the conventional signature setting , signing a document is quick and simple. This should be maintained in electronic signature model, not taking more than 10 seconds and very easy for the staff to use even with zero IT administration . It should not require the staff to run a wizard application each time they load the signature application on their PC .

Total Cost of Ownership

Not many persons consider the total cost of ownership when acquiring an electronic signature device. This involves initial product cost, implementation, help desk, digital certificates and support development for the application.  To make sure that you don’t pay more than necessary for your innovation in the long term, tTCO must be on your mind as you choose an electronic signature solution.


Only the right electronic signature solution is best for you, aiding you blend new technologies into your business and reducing the hassles accompanied with paperwork ad the business environment becomes digital.