How To Ensure Your Digital Waiver Is Legitimate?

  • Kaye Thomas
  • November 30, 2017
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Using an electronic signature has become highly popular over the course of the last few years alone simply because more and more people are using the digital world. Online e-book writing and business contracts are things which often come with digital waivers and it’s very important to ensure yours is legitimate. So, is there a way to make these digital waivers legitimate and can they stand up in the courts?

Who Is Signing?

Just because you hire someone and they sign a waiver, that doesn’t actually guarantee it’s the same person who signed it. For instance, John Smith might have signed a waiver stating he will not reproduce the story from the book in which he is writing but that doesn’t actually guarantee John Smith is the one who has signed it or it’s his real name. This is something which causes a lot of concern and in truth there is a real grey area within this field. You have to be sure you know who is signing the contract in order for it to be legit. A digital waiver is a tricky thing and you have to be careful who you use it with.

The Contract Must Be Just

The document in which someone is signing must state exactly what the waiver is for and list all terms and conditions of the waiver too. For example, if you were asking someone to ghost write a book for you, you would have to put in specific terms that stated they couldn’t essentially take parts of the story and incorporate it in their words. There are a lot of terms that have to be added and clauses so that the waiver is legitimate. However, it cannot be an unfair document or contract. It can’t compel someone to work twenty hours a day for ten years for less than a dollar a day. Its things like that which might make the electronic signature be called into question.

A Digital Waiver Can Be In The Middle Of Law

Depending on where you live and the laws there, digital waivers might not actually stand up in a courtroom for whatever reason. Digital laws are still very raw in a sense and they are not all updated. There’s a grey area and unfortunately digital waivers can at times be found in the middle of the road! It’s a problem but one which is fast becoming sorted out. More people are calling for electronic signature processes to be safe and to also know where they stand with them too. It’s a problem but one which comes from the digital age. Learn more.

Get Advice

Before using digital waiver, whether to ask someone to sign it or to sign it yourself, you should always get some clarity over these issues. Laws are still quite fickle on digital subjects, especially waivers. You really need to be sure where you stand and what legal support you might have too should something happen. It’s always good to do this even if you are sure everything is above board. A digital waiver is a great tool but only when it works for you. Check out this: