Protecting Your Equine Business: The Truth About Liability Releases

  • Kaye Thomas
  • November 6, 2018
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Today, managing business risk effectively is one of the companies’ priorities. Most companies believe that they have an efficient business risk management process and that they have an infrastructure that allows for understanding and transparency in managing these risks. The figures portray the change in executive perceptions regarding the benefits of adopting an effective risk management process as well as following up the release of liability form.

One of the trends revealed by the study was the willingness of companies to deal with a lower level of appetite for risks, thus the importance of having a liability waiver. Companies that dare to increase their “appetite” invest more in more robust risk management mechanisms such as: formal policies, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and a methodological and structured risk assessment and management process.The knowledge of some aspects of the life of the companies must allow the evaluation of the degree of attractiveness of the enterprise, subsidizing the decision of the future entrepreneur in the choice of the business that intends to develop.

Learn more about possible risk scenarios to your business

Learning to analyze scenarios and knowing the risks that the business faces and thus creating strategies and alternatives for market action that favor the business is an important part of the business plan. The release of liability form is another important thing to have in all businesses.

The risks

Basically, the business risks refer to the aspects described below.


It is characterized by a significant increase or reduction of the demand for the product, at a certain time of the year. The more seasonal businesses are dangerous and pose risks that require entrepreneurs to have precise maneuvers. When in a high degree, it is considered a negative factor in the evaluation of the business.

Effects of the economy

The analysis of the economic situation is an important question for the evaluation of the business opportunity, since some are seriously affected, for example, by economies in recession. The liability waiveris one of the measures a company should ensure to have.

Government Controls

Sectors subject to stringent government controls, where rules can change frequently, offer a high degree of risk and are unattractive to small investors.

Existence of monopolies

Some ventures may face problems by operating in areas where there are monopolies formed by operations that dominate the market, defining the rules of commercial gambling. In Brazil, the commercialization of tires, chemical products in general and paints is an example of monopolized segments.

Sectors in stagnation or retraction

In these sectors, there is lower demand than the supply of goods / services, which makes the dispute more fierce, you can even pick a digital waver to protect your business. In times of business expansion and prosperity, on the contrary, new consumers enter the market, promoting the opening of new businesses.

Barriers to stay in business

  • Requirement of much capital for investment;
  • High and complex technical knowledge;
  • Difficulties in obtaining raw materials;
  • Requirement of special licenses;
  • Existence of contracts, patents and trademarks that make it difficult to legalize the company.